DIY Bag - a barrel bag by Swoon

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Today is April 2nd. I can’t believe it is snowing in Boston! I am so ready for spring. For one, my son’s little league season starts in one week. I want to sew something baseball related to bring to the baseball practices.

I chose the Red Box fabric I got from JoAnn’s. I picked the Swoon Blanche bag pattern because it has a nice barrel shape that is too girly for baseball. Swoon bag pattern company is my favorite bag pattern company. I have sewn several patterns from them before. Everyone of them is beautifully designed.

This bag is the hardest thing I have sewn so far. I almost gave up, in fact I gave up several time. It took me over two weeks from beginning to finish. I am so glad I chugged on and finally finished it. It is a super good-looking bag.


The white piping is from AliExpress. It gave me so much trouble when I was putting the side panel to the main panel. All I was thinking is why it is so hard… Now when I look at the bag, the white piping really make the bag pop. I love it.

Another photo under the afternoon sun.



Side View:


I put four metal studs on the bottom to make it more sturdy.

The inside is lined with the same fabric. There is a build-in zipper pocket on one side.


I did not use the recommended foam interface in the pattern because I didn’t have any. I used the heavy stabilizer on the main panel. The ‘heavy stabilizer’ is not as heavy or stable as I wanted. I just put in an order for the recommended Pellon foam interface on Amazon this morning. Next blanche bag I will make it perfect.

Thanks for coming and have a beautiful day.



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