DIY Fall Tshirt Dress

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Hi, Beautifuls:

Mccalls M6886 is my favorite Tshirt dress pattern. What I like about it is:

  1. It is super simple. A sleeveless dress only have two pattern pieces.
  2. It takes very little fabric. I can make one sleeveless dress with less than 1 yard of fabric. Super cost effective.
  3. It is  very fitted. Unlike a lot of loose Tshirt dress pattern. M6886 has designed nice curve for slim waist. I am 5’3”. I am very petite. I can’t handle bulky cloth.

Simple and fast to make  are the most important factor for me. The last time I made this pattern is a few months ago. I made four dresses at the same time! Those dress are made with silk knits fabric.  They are light-weight and comfortable. I wore them loads during the summer.

Now I am ready for fall sewing. The first clothes I need are a few warm and soft sweater and sweater dresses for New England’s crisp and cool fall weather. I took out this pattern and made my first fall Tshirt dress.

The fabric I used is sweater cotton knits with some lycra. It is very soft and stretch. I used my usual size– size 10, and sew with 3/8′ seam allowance to make it tiny bit roomy.

I refereed to pattern M7061 for the hoodie and pocket. I didn’t following the location of the pocket through. In the pattern photo the pocket seems a bit low. I finished the dress first, then place the pocket piece where I like, then mark and sew. The result is pretty satisfying. I also borrowed from pattern Simplicity S8174 for the thumb pocket.

The result:

M6886 hacked
M6886 hacked


I am super happy with the thumb pockets. This is the first time I put a thumb pocket in any cloth. In fact I don’t own any store bought cloth with thumb pocket. I cut the sleeve longer, put the sleeve on my arm, and decided where to place the holes. The placement of the thumb pockets is perfect. It is so fun to wear.

The hoodie is a little big at the back. Big hoodie sure will come handy when the weather starts to get cold.




This dress is so so comfortable. I wore it whole day yesterday when I worked from home. It is just the perfect lounge dress ever.

I’d like to make a sweater top using the same pattern mix, with hoodie, pocket and thumb pockets.

Summary of the changes I made:

  1. M6886 size 10 with 3/8′ seam allowance
  2. Add hoodie and pocket using pattern M7061.
  3. Add thumb pockets by cut the sleeves longer and measure against my arm.

My next project I’d like to make the following changes.

  1. Use thicker sweater knits.
  2. Take out the back of the hoodie at least 2 inches from each side.

I submitted this dress to fabricmartfabrics “One Pattern, Many Looks” through Instagram as reader participation. This is the first time I submit to any ‘participation”. I feel I should get involved more in the sewing community not only as a reader but also a contributor. Stay tuned.

Have a nice day




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