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1. 我打算明天当面给她eviction form/notice, 有人拍照。但用什么eviction notice/form?3 day notice? and/or

If she already left, why use eviction form?  Very illogical

2. 我当面口头通知她如果3天内不交,找公司追讨所欠房租, late fee, rest of rental payment till lease ends, and leagal fee associated. will report it to credit credit bureau-请问怎么操作?

You should file a case for unpaid rent in local court today, and serve her summon tomorrow in person. 

3. 我知道她老公最近刚找到Google工作,可以找他公司要钱吗?

Not before you have a court judgment. 

She refuses to give you her new address, because she's afraid of you suing her.  You should refuse to send her deposit back until you received her new address.   In the meantime, sue her today.