You can use MULTI-CITY option to search Google flights

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Choose Multi-Cities, just put in your desired itinerary and the dates, Google Flights will give you airlines that can meet your needs.

What you should pay attention is, whether this will be on ONE PNR ONE TICKET, or Multiple PNRs and Multiple Tickets.  Google Flights will clearly indicate if Multiple Tickets (issued by different airlines on the segments they serve).  You make your decision whether you want to go that way - as long as it is not a connection, different tickets pose no problem because they are separate journeys anyway.  If it is a connection, i.e. you only layover at an airport then fly to your next destination - different tickets can become serious problem should your incoming flight is delayed, causing you miss the next flight which is on a different ticket.  In that situation, you are NOT protected by either the incoming flight's airline, nor the outgoing flight's airline.

Multi-city function works very well on Google Flights.  Again, this is your best tool to search that you can do it yourself instead of asking around.


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