【ToYouToMe】【求安慰】 你在哪里 看看你是不是在我的心里!

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Is my beautiful mind

Where is AP where is the moving flowers and where is

My favorite tuitui Green? 

Where where are you

Last time I tied you more than three times

brother taotao Three   where where are you

And where

where are you    still

In that pretty smile of yours,  in the morning

lean upon the high mountain

big rivers right at your sight

I am also thinking

of that one   lotus

And The jade of ephemeral 

Yes I am thinking of you

And always only you

And you 

You know who


Are you a babe made of ceramic 

Or just a sweet little worm


As always ,

In that very lust to borrow ,

may be just   To borrow that

Soft gaze 

of Hibiscus