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Suddenly,I want to learn to play the piano again.

It is the third or fourth time for me to learn to play the piano.

Some of keys were a little bit sticky in winter, now they are fine. 

I had my piano tuned  last March. So, it is time to have

it tuned again.   The piano technician tuned the piano and also fixed the sticky keys.

He recommended installing a piano dehumidifier to  prevent rusty strings. Have you ever heard about it? Is it useful?

Another question  is:When can I play the piano smoothly?Any suggestions are welcome!

Hopefully,my interest in playing the piano can last longer this time. :)

Later, the piano tech showed the price of the exact same model of my piano. 

The only thing makes me feel great today is that I purchased my piano

with eight thousands dollars 10 years ago, and now the price of the exact same model of the brand new one  is doubled!:)