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First, thank you so much for giving the consistent help and the quick responses to our questions.

Currently, I am in a confusing situation. The university helped me the petition of H1B and the I129 has been approved on June 14. USCIS received my application of OPT on March 11. However, there is no response from USCIS about my OPT yet. My I-20 expired on May 20. I wonder, in my case,

1. What is the next step after the approval of I-129?

2. Do I need to withdraw my OPT application?

3. Do I have to leave the U.S. after July 18 (the last day of my grace period ) if my OPT is not approved before this date?

4. If my OPT is approved too,  can I use my OPT to stay in the US legally until my working start-date (August 1) to filling the cap between July 18 and August 1?

5. Is there any other way for me to stay here until my working start date ? 


Thank you sincerely!



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