Can a visa be re- issued with a new expiration date? My situatio

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My situation is: a K 1 visa was grant to me with expiration date of Mar 23, 2019. The visa was issued on Mar 1, 2019. I only have three weeks to prepare to leave. It is just not enough time. I need to quit my job. The company I am currently working for requires a 30-day notice, otherwise some penalty. And I need to cancel my rental agreement, also a 30 day notice. So can I ask for a new Visa with a new expiration date?  I think the reason that my visa expiration is Mar 23, is because my medical exam report expires on Mar 23, 2019. If I do a new medical exam, with a new expiration date, can the embassy issue a new visa with a new expiration date?  Thank you very much.


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