Do I still need to apply for OPT?

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1. The university is beginning the process to petition and apply for my H1B visa. I will graduate in May. Do I still need to apply for OPT?

2. Just in case, if my H1-b visa is approved before the date of my starting work, there will be a period of unemployment. How far the unemployment time will have impact on me?


Thank you so much for taking time to help me out!


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我觉得申请opt保险些,因为一般opt三个月怎么都下来了。h1可能很快也可能很慢,不一定。 -迷糊桃纸- 给 迷糊桃纸 发送悄悄话 迷糊桃纸 的个人群组 (137 bytes) () 03/02/2019 postreply 21:41:42


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