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My child want to be F1 finally. He will be rejected if there is no bridge according to new policy. Once his F1 get approved, I can easily handle. I'm worried about the conflicted intention.
-I don't agree with this section you cited even if it is from the USCIS website because the person who wrote this section may not completely understand the immigration law.

For your child's case, I believe he is lawfully present in US during the F-1 pending to wait for the F-1 approval/denial. But of the F-1 is approved earlier than 30 days before the I-20 effective date (i.e. the school semester start date) or the F-1 is denied, then he/she needs to leave US and get the visa to come back if he/she does not have a status such as B2.

Your child also may just go to China to get the an F-1 visa to come back just up to 30 days before the school semester starts, and ignore the pending F-1 application (talk to the school to prepare for the paperwork before leaving).

You had better consult an immigrant lawyer.



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