my $.02

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1. The Biometric Storage System (BSS) works for me. My fingerprint was taken way longer than 15 months ago. I don't need to have 2nd fingerprint taken since the new biometric storage system allow resubmission of the old fingerprint. You don't need to take fingerprint again after you get the welcome notice and before you get the physical card;

2. You don't need to file AC21 or notify after you leave the GC sponsor due to AC21;

3. Always claim you had chicken pox as a child for the physical exam;

4. If you had TB test positive, keep the record and it could be used in the physical exam;

5. If a USCIS document is sent to your immigration attorney (if you have one), oftentimes you would NOT get a copy of that. You have to count on your lawyer to forward that to you so need to follow up on that;

6. It is always a good thing if your case is “touched” by anyone for whatever reason, including RFE.

Best wishes to all of you!