Sucre Lune Violoniste: Les Mentors de Anna Savkina

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Sugar Moon Violinist: Anna Savkina's Mentors

Sucre Lune Violoniste: Les Mentors de Anna Savkina 

Violin lesson in Gnesin special musical school (Moscow, Russia)

Anna Savkina's violin teacher, Tatiana Berkul, is teaching violin 3.5, 9 and 10 years old students

Now you will understand how a talent is trained up.

Vladimir Spivakov & Moscow Vistuosi

Vladimir Spivakov conducted Anna Savkina's performances.

One of the greatest chamber orchestras in the world was performing in Vancouver and Toronto celebrating their 30th annyversary, Part of the World Tour 2008

В.Спиваков,Виртуозы Москвы 30,Вивальди

Vladimir Spivakov, Moscow Virtuosi, 30 Aniversary, Vivaldi(维瓦尔第)

20 июня 1979 года "Виртуозы Москвы" дали свой первый концерт, который состоялся в г. Горьком.
И вот 30 лет спустя тот же зал....
9 июня 2009 года Кремлёвский Концертный зал Нижегородской филармонии.

Vladimir Spivakov «Because I love...» (Потому что я люблю...)

Vladimir Spivakov not only one of the greatest musicians of our time but also a great Humanitarian(人道主义者). Founder of The Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation - Maestro Spivakov helps gifted children to study music, buys instruments, provides Master Classes and opportunity to perform. He runs an International Festival called Moscow Meet Friends where gifted children from all over the world come to Moscow and celebrate music, friendship, love and humanity. Charity Foundation also helps sick children and have saved life of many sick kids. Vladimir Spivakov and his famed orchestra Moscow Virtuosi will be on North American Tour in November 2010 and will make only one Canadian stop in Toronto on November 18, 2010.
The full lenghth of DVD called "Because I Love" will be sold during the concert and all the proceeds will be donated to Maestro Spivakov Charity Fundation.

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