how do you accept yourself?自信的女孩最美丽。

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how do you accept yourself for not having the eye colour you have? This is interesting. It expands over to the humanity and psychology side. How do we learn to accept ourselves? When do we accept ourselves? When do we change for the better? How to we know the difference. To have the wisdom to know the difference, lies in our experience. The experience comes from making mistakes. Some mistakes are worth making than others... As asian immigrants with Chinese parents. I have been treated quite harshly growing up. So have been many others. The difference lies in the childhood environment. Some have not have the nurturing parents to give the child the confidence in what they are meant to do. Some parents themselves are either in marital wars, or fight in front of their kids, or are bad communicators. Or they may not even love themselves. However, it's up to the child who grew up to be adult to overcome those tough upbringings... (learn more in the video) I hope you are blessed to have folks that raise you to love yourself for who you are, and still have the drive to achieve more.


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