A little more about the Prambanan

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(sorry for the english - sth i wrote 15 years ago..)

..Prambanan Hindu Temple group, located about 19 km to the north-east of the city of Jogya, built by the Sanjaya Dynasty in the 9th century, again by the very lava rocks from Mt. Merapi. 

Being much closer to the volcano (than the Borobudur), this group of 224 Hindu
temples was completely destroyed by the many eruptions.  Although the ruins were discovered even earlier than that of Borobudur in
1809, the restoration did not begin until 1973, since they had no
blueprints of the structure, but only a huge pile of shattered rocks
unearthed.  It took them 16 years to single out the pieces from this
gigantic "jag-saw' puzzle for the 1st temple; by 1989 "Candi Loro Jungara"
was completely reconstructed and it now stands 47 meters above its 32
meter base.  It has 4 chambers, each housing a different Hindu God.
According to the legend, Loro Jungara was a beautiful princess who was
chased by a powerful man.  To escape the marriage she requested him to
build 1000 temples within 1 night, and then tried to stop him when he
completed 999...  In the end she was cast into a stone statue... 

The 2nd temple took 9 years and was finished in 1993.  Today, on top of the stone terrace stand 16 temples of various sizes and shapes, which are still
surrounded by millions of ruined building blocks for the remaining 208
temples yet to be put together..