my condolence. there's no good answer

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you have the following options:

1. you go back to china right away and come back to US by aug 16 to file 485, which is the most reasonable to me under the circumstances.

2. go back china the second day after the package is delivered to cis. You can make sure by use fedex/ups/dhl so you can check the package by the minute.
Most of the time, the receipt date on your 485 receipt notice would be the same as the package delivery date. However, it’s not 100% the case, or it’s not guaranteed.
In case your departing US date is earlier than the receipt date on your 485 receipt, your 485 application could be invalid.
Since the receipting is very slow due to the VB fiasco, if you want to wait for cleared check or the 485 receipt in order to make sure your departing date is later than receipt date, you might have to wait more than a month. In one word, it’s always risky if you leave US without your 485 check cleared, online case update, or receipt notice.

3. your hu*****and could hold his own 485 until aug 16. In case you couldn’t come back you can “follow to join” after October. If your priority date is late and you don't belong to EB1, it might take years for you to file 485


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