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1. some visa numbers were returned to dos and they should be used by sep

2. good excuse to slow down the 485 approvals due to the vb fiasco

3. it's perfectly legal to assign a permanent visa to ANY single pending 485 since every single pending 485 is eligible to be approved by aug 17.

4. by the previous allocation rule for pre-adjudication cases, more 485 approvals will come after aug 17

5. so far all approved 485 whose pd was not current in june are from tsc, but we would see similar approvals from nsc soon.

6. in the annual ombudsman report, cis employees have the tendency to approve "simple" cases rather than "difficult" or "complicate" cases. very early pd with long pending time period could only trouble the cis employees. it's apparent cases pending for shorter time period are relatively easier.
from cis point of view, the quantity of approvals are more meaning to reduce backlog, we would see more and more 485 with very early pd abandoned in some big box.


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