Do not ever underestimate Joe Biden's ability to fuck up (part 2

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Giving the fact Taliban now control Afgan, should Joe come out say something about his failed afganistan policy? or tactics? or timing? or anything about our freinds and allies would not be copper lifted to safety?

When shit hits the fence, the flaming liberals all like the afghanistan national guards, hiding or fleeing. Where is Chucky shurmer? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is the racist Omar? Where is AOC?

they just like Biden, flee, …...

Joe was still camping out in Camp David and let Blikken hang there dry and lie for Joe. 

By the way, when Trump withdrew from Syria, General Mattis did not agree with him and Mattis quit in protest. 

I guess the democratic generals do not have spines or they are in it with Joe.




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