She was moved by the words of sincerity in her best friend's ma

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1. Upper couplet: beautiful sceneries on a good day. I sincerely wish you

  a happy marriage, a long life and a happy and safe life!

  2. I wish you a

  hundred years of loving and caring, and a lifetime of happiness.


  hundred years good union! Happy marriage, sweet honey! Give birth to a son


  4. Take wedding leave, drink wedding wine and enter the bridal


  5. Looking at the happy report of the invitation card, listening to

  the laughter of firecrackers, thinking about the bustle of the bridal

  chamber, looking at the beauty of the new couple, Shouting the slogan of


  6. The sea is dry, the stone is rotten, the sky is wide and the sky

  is high.

  7, it is not an uncommon destiny, but a rare one. Not a thousand

  years of love, but a beautiful romance. Special day, special you, special

  blessing, in the word, in the brain, in the heart: the bride is beautiful,

  the groom is handsome, the newlywed is happy!

  What is happiness? Happiness is

  a flowing white yarn dancing in the wind! Happiness, is a bright happy smile

  on the face stay! Happiness is the hand that holds your son and the drops

  that grow old together with you. Today, his hand took your hand. Tomorrow,

  you, the white-haired, walked together.

  May love fill your sweet life so that

  every day will be as glorious and joyful as today.

  10, the fate of thousands

  of years today hand in hand, the brilliant sunshine is exceptionally warm.

  The red line pulled by the old moon ties the two hearts together and gives us

  our heartfelt blessing: I wish you a happy marriage on this beautiful day and

  a lifetime of togetherness!

  11. The sun is shining on people's hearts and

  warm, many years of bachelors happy to open. From now on, the master and his

  wife are accompanied by others. The flowers and the moon are round and linked

  together. I wish you a happy marriage without limits and a happy marriage!


  Old marriage is like dog skin cream, which is troublesome to put on and

  difficult to tear off. New marriages are like gummy creams, easy to put on

  and tear off. Children's play marriage is like a balloon.

  13, merrily merrily

  knot marriage, bridal chamber spends all wine alone, this life moonlit, deep

  and remote dream, from now on a pair of lovebirds, eternal companion with

  this heart, when you say nothing at all, lucky smile, happy life enjoy

  tianlun. I sincerely wish you a hundred years of happiness and a long life


  Today is the most beautiful and happiest day of your life. I wish

  you a happy new marriage. Grow old together! Life is sweet! Good health to

  your children! Grow up high! Clever!

  15. Firecrackers are roaring, and gongs

  and drums are making a noise. I wish you a happy marriage. Wishing you and

  your husband a happy and prosperous life and a prosperous and prosperous


  16, happiness, is a white wedding dress dancing in the wind; Happiness,

  is a bright smile on the face stop; Happiness is the way to hold your hand

  and grow old together. Happiness is today's step towards sweetness. Happy


  A beautiful bride is like a glass of rose wine and a groom is like a

  glass of red wine. The wine and the cup have been together ever since! Bless

  you! Wine and a cup of love!

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