cme 今天发布比特币期货合同细节

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The contract will contain five bitcoins, ad the minimum price fluctuation outright is set at $5 per bitcoin and $25 per contract.

The months for initial listing of contracts are December 2017, January, February, March 2018.

Last day of trading will be the last Friday of the contract month.

Trading hours will last from 5 pm on Sunday until 4 pm London time on Friday.

The spot position limits (the highest number of options or futures contracts an investor is allowed to hold on one underlying security) are set at 1,000 contracts.

The block minimum is five contracts.

Special price fluctuation limits equal to 7% and 13% above and below the prior settlement price. Trading will not be permitted outside the 20% above and below the prior settlement price.

On 31 October, CME Group announced their intention to start trading futures on bitcoin. It is believed that this announcement resulted in a sharp rise of the bitcoin price.



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