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- cryptos valuations are out of line... market cap $700b now... on par with AMZN? Jeff can issue BezosCoin tomorrow and kill all the coins out there overnight.... same for the other dominant players, if they issue AppleCoin, AlphaCoin, MicroCoin etc, the garbage coins currently on the market won't stand a chance.

- shows you how desperate the sold-out bulls are.... so much sideline cash have missed the choo choo.... they still don't dare to buy into equities, so a lot of the dumb money is going into worthless shit.

- Jan effect.... I thought about it in December but didn't expect it to be this strong out of the gate..


the buying pattern is they pile in during Q1 and Q2... and considering the number of central banks buying stocks now, they probably are trying to beat each other to the shares.

- 1 note on the 火爆 method with position in inverse relationship to the VIX.... it is legit.... however you need to gauge your own psychology, if you can TRUELY push the buy button when the VIX is high... MOST people CAN'T do it, which is exactly why most retail investors sell at the bottom.... when the VIX is above 30, it always feels like the sky is falling, it takes very strong discipline to buy in...... the simpler/lazier way of course it to just DCA regardless what shit is happening.


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