You agent, is it loan agent or realtor agent?

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I think refi 15 to 30 years is the easist option.  In this market you might not find good investment property once you sold your existing rentals.  

I think the rea estate agent would want you to do 1031 exchange because he got commissions.  Loan agent would like to do refi because he got comissions. 

I would think buying a dream primary residence is always worth the trouble. 


he's both a loan and real estate agent -onething- 给 onething 发送悄悄话 onething 的个人群组 (395 bytes) () 10/21/2021 postreply 12:41:33

I think you need find somebody else. -柠檬椰子汁- 给 柠檬椰子汁 发送悄悄话 柠檬椰子汁 的博客首页 柠檬椰子汁 的个人群组 (200 bytes) () 10/21/2021 postreply 13:03:59

同意柠檬说的,找second broker。 -backpack- 给 backpack 发送悄悄话 backpack 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 10/21/2021 postreply 13:39:57


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