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“Duct Tape Makes It Stop – WD40 Makes It Go.”

Food photography

R human by nature herbivorous or omnivore? ur opinion pls!

Climate crisis may fuel future pandemics

【职场点滴】Konstantin Josef Jirecek quote

【职场点滴】We are still considering... ...

coincidence: Titanic and Moskva

Follow the Moskva Down to Black Sea,

Stunning! How the award winning photo is taken.


shepherd vs harvester

words in music

From idealist 2 realist, turned the war to political benefit

4 Reasons to Let Your Lawn Grow Wild

ZT, 汉乐府《孔雀东南飞》英译. Peacock Flew Southeast

Putin lies,he didn’t invent, history is also full of untruth

the Red Carpet Oscar goes2 ... white shirt (or no shirt)

【祈祷和平】A war diary from Lviv – photo essay by Alessio Mamo

【祈祷和平】this morning, I want to say 'Hello World'!!

【祈祷和平】‘Sirens howl, bombs fall. We eat ice cream’... ...

America is in denial about signs of a fresh Covid wave

Treat urself the way U would a friend

Colours of Ukraine in Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics

The 20th-Century History Behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

【祈祷和平】An age of impunity, condamning hegemonism,war


【英文什锦菜】"Knowledge is power, France is bacon"

Mental Tricks to Stop Overthinking

【一句话翻译练习】saving grace

‘Tell everyone on this train I love them’

Foreign money funding extremism in Canada

【英文什锦菜】talk show 【daydream】

pit: 虎,彪, 猇, 虓, 婋, what else?

Today's Google Doodle Tiger Year. Click on the Doodle

Tiger Year Blessing! New year's eve Dumpling, Fish, and Love

Get ready for Omicron subvariant, is more transmissible

AMAZING! Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics

【You Raise Me Up】

【英文什锦菜】original talk show 【Made in China】

收到一个朋友跟读, We Three, 我第一次听她读英语, 并没有惊艳因为是我意料之中, 也是文学城网友

English/Mandarin pure vocal reading/干声朗读, We three/我们仨

【我们仨】节选 by 杨绛; 想哭的点进来看

【英文什锦菜】 《Snowy Night 雪夜》 by 忒绿/移花

pit digging, Mayfly, asking for poetries?

England to end Covid testing 4 2-vaccinated travellers

hahaha, snow white's step mother is a poet.

42% false positives from rapid antigen tests

snow fun or not so fun


【一句话翻译】Apologies from No10,答案与Keywords汇总

trivial knowledge:little plastic 3-pronged stool in pizza

for your laughter

How Japan created its own jazz

Covid loses 90% of ability 2 infect within 5 minutes in air

Gospel: Pfizer's manufacturing Omicron vaccine,

【Can You Feel The Love Tonight】 song from 【The Lion King】

China’s locked down cities pay price of 0-Covid strategy

贴一部电影'Fall of Ming'【大明劫】,其中有军医如何阻止瘟疫蔓延,方法与当今防范Covid蔓延有相似理念.

digital wellbeing, have you used this term yet?

【玩大的】【Grow with game】A micromovie to memorize our past or about

Covid negative was sent home from Xmas party

【家Home】How Much Longer Can We Live With Our Parents

Christmas Light Tour

【Ordinary Miracle】

Heavy rain after the volcanic eruption

A song makes me sick ----home sick

The One Sentence Making U a More Effective Speaker

Omicron variant could be 'Christmas gift'

Corporate story: the ant & the lion. lessons 4 managers..

UK drugs watchdog approves new Covid treatment Xevudy

“tyranny of the majority”

Oven roasted beef practice

Pit: ‘只随著你静静走向婚礼’ those lyrics we misheard. 桃枝妖妖

Pit Digging: How good r Chinese‘bout eating, just'bout anything

月琴 yueqin,

A letter from TangSanZang to SunWuKong

【Say You Say Me 】一首怀旧金曲

Three-line poems, humorous but sentimental

Three-line love letters; 日,中,英文

【Love expression】

[I cannt see a single person], 移花体

好玩吗? Riddle: 猜6个美语世界带叠音的ID,意思相近,同音,谐音,中英文都算..

a picture worth a thousand words


African Elephants Evolved Tusklessness Amazingly Fast

5 Edible Plants for Urban Foragers

Meet Legend while performing Legend

‘You reap what you sow’: Russians party despite record Covid fig

【美坛复活群魔乱舞】Swans, geese, cormorants, ducks, koi, birds, etc.

aces essay exam

Tongue Twister--Betty bought butter

【A flowering Tree】,这是在呼唤花花吗?

唯美电影与介绍【The fox and the child】between love & possess

Outrage after gay woman diagnosed with ‘homosexuality’ at Spanis

Pandora papers: what has been revealed so far?

【听歌练听力】Blue, a mental comfort by Joni Mitchell

The Dutch Reach

Elephants never forget

LifeHacker: Store Your Pineapples Upside Down,

Riddle: drop pumpkin

Two Chinese sisters touched the whole world, get napkin ready b4

【ToYouToMe】【送温暖】Salam Sehat Bahagia

【ToYouToMe】【求安慰】upper airway congestion & short breath

【ToYouToMe】【送温暖】Our love is no longer as it was

Nice pictures of this weekend

Photo for today, from 'The graveyard of empires'

Afghanistan collapsed because corruption had hollowed out the st

【MYSJ COSPLAY】Tearfully passionate cosplay 【Swan】东归英雄

"lying flat," a niche Chinese millennial meme, alarms Beijing

Lady in bathtub

I successfully confused everyone.

【MYSJ COSPLAY】Girl brutally interrogate dad!!!

What's the difference of American & Canadian

【一句话翻译】Numerosity,只是因为在人群中 多看了你一眼

5 Questions That Lead to Great Conversations

MS Excel painting, Excel 米开朗基罗.

Zen of Python, 编程规则的诗与歌曲

Tokyo Olympics: women's football glory for Canada

How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict

Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury... ...

重唱【Summer storm melody】再次致敬美丽诗人,伴奏【Rhythm of the rain】

The most hilarious court times,办公室慎入

【Summer storm melody】绑架美丽, 内有彩蛋

Rock 古诗辞,【Lantern Festival Night】,连翻带唱

midnight canteen, 美语世界7月活动庆典进行时一直high到8月新活动开始

savage dinner 犒劳 AP,陶导, 嚎辛苦了,high翻了,take a bite


【Fairy Tale】给两队加油, cover Michael Learns to Rock

【Water】a poem inspired by flood thru copy & paste


nature's symphony

an old joke, badass

another Brexit

【蓝队】【美坛蓝绿绑架争霸】LightsOfAlbuquerque 冷冷的夏country road

Who the hell did I miss

【蓝队】【美坛蓝绿绑架争霸】改写The disappeared BAOZIs, 我绑了谁?

【蓝队】【美坛蓝绿绑架争霸】请欣赏虫虫与猫王合唱《Can’t Help Falling in Love》

bird singing; squirrel chasing

Messi and Gerda's first walk together!

吉普赛蛾 outbreak in Ontario

A United Nations Of Crime ( XV ), A Reading Series


A United Nations Of Crime ( XIV ), A Reading Series

This is super hilarious

A United Nations Of Crime ( X ), A Reading Series

Have you gone fishing? a morning laughter

A United Nations Of Crime ( IX ), A Reading Series

【ChildhoodFantasy】 firefly

A United Nations Of Crime ( VIII ), A Reading Series

【ChildhoodFantasy】childhood饭特稀, toss brick elicit jade

A United Nations Of Crime ( VI ), A Reading Series

A United Nations Of Crime ( V ), A Reading Series

【梅雨潭的爱】Jealous love with greenish

歪译《卧春》crouching spring

A United Nations Of Crime ( I ), A Reading Series

Long Covid symptoms ease after vaccination, survey finds

country road, 谁能听出这是什么旋律?而且还有首中文歌也是用这个旋律



PinkLadyFoodPhotographer of the Year

Any clue of this place?

自主做唐古老师的作业MakeAManOutOfU, ft.一荷

移花的跟种花儿的做个伴, stunning wild flowers


WWII true story: True humanity or morale? German pilot risked l


【E外桃源】Qinghai Lake, Namtso,purifying heart and soul

【一句话翻译】 Quotable Quote

Today's google doodle:Lantern Festival;请教元宵/汤圆有何不同?

凑个热闹, my magic poem

又出bug了回不了 TJKCB的帖,be a dumb then, simple as that,举例

See you tomorrow

【HobbyShow】Vintage restoration

What takes2 understand: The Bridge2Far; 感谢大S: UnitlTheEnd

[HobbyShow] Royal Doulton bone china & porcelain collection

听力挑战: We shall fight on the beaches...

feel the mean... ...

kiss principle

XDJM,Who wants2host nxt Fri. 1line trans pls claims gift inside

Rhythm of the rain,这首歌是要干什么?分手歌听着这么快乐!是甩锅了吗?

Today's google doodle:Jim Wong-Chu's day

Test: Born to hunt

忒绿诗人的bird: sandpiper

ZT: I tried to become part of Wuhan

【E诗E歌E决心】My new year's resolution

ZT: MYTH BUSTER: Y diamonds so valuable? market demand. 中英文字

my goodness

Hiking into the White

Feast or famine,

Funny names

cops dont give tickets to pretty girls


【MyStoryMySpeech】活动热身 Blood soaked land, My note from the nature

【听歌练听力】"Early Morning Sun" ,驴唇对马嘴

Revenge on society

挖个坑, Do Ive a dirty mind? Wht u thauts wht u c.

Heard from the radio this morning "Pay for next one's meal"

听多说多了笑话有点麻木了, 帖首歌吧

COVID vaccine survey exit Poll

Sooner or later,gonna face it, how about a poll right now?

Why the royals never say "Merry Christmas"


My magic number

【英文配音朗诵】'The Christmas Kettle'

A 3-yr old news. Should morally justify or not?

Today, something made me thinking... ...


Looks like he’s still celebrating!!

I ain't gonna stop by MacDnold's, I wanna sth. decent 2day.

SMS Language & American V.

Languages evolve from time 2 time, be creative

one joke, one brain teaser拿版主寻个开心

汉语语法的由来, 与英语有关,全汉语内容, 版主觉得不合适请删

Prompt response from Customer Service regarding yesterday...



American Icon

Seriously I am joking , God is a Civil Engineer



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