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Self-confidence to say, most of our family panda understand.

Front of the mirror
this morning, my wife is trying to cover up with a variety of colors with the facts. Panda bath out, wearing only underpants, turn laps in front of the mirror, arrayed standard posture,

Then very satisfied and said: "Look at this figure, women all want me / women want me." My wife was about to roll your eyes, I hear the next few words, oh, this is still a little self-knowledge, "Go away / to leave." .

Then panda gave me yesterday and his coach / personal trainer, talking to a woman breathlessly / huff and puff - male silver have power going to the gym ah. Panda and very proud to say: "my life is very natural to make a woman out of breath!" Coach is ready to learn to find him, he went on to say: "I saw a woman who would have died to go long , all of them are out of breath. "

Self-confidence, self-confidence, men who have such confidence in silver!


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