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Dementia can come in many forms—from vascular dementia to frontotemporal dementia to Alzheimer's disease—and each can affect the brain differently. And while all of the various types cause memory loss and changes in personality, each may also display its own signs and symptoms that can clue you or a caregiver into what's going on.

Researchers have found that one of these types, frontotemporal dementia (FTD), has a distinct symptom that may serve as an early warning sign. They say that individuals with this type of dementia "show a marked change in food preferences," including a particular desire for one particular type of food. Read on to find out which craving may tip you off to a dementia diagnosis—and what other symptoms to look out for.
Craving sweets can be a sign of dementia.
According to Andrew E. Budson, MD, associate director for research at the Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center and a professor of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine, craving sweets can be an early sign of FTD. He explained to Psychology Today that this particular form of dementia "often exhibits changes in food preferences, such as the desire to eat sweet foods."

Budson recounted a story he heard in a support group for the caregivers of dementia patients, which included this strange symptom. "He began to eat things—like a tub of ice cream or a whole box of cookies—in bed while I was trying to sleep," one woman told the group of her husband, who was later diagnosed with FTD. She also shared that he would eat "a box of cake mix, a tin of frosting," and other sweet items that would not typically appeal to him. A 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that patients with FTD eat more sugar and carbohydrates—and are more likely to experience rapid weight gain—than those without neurodegeneration.


认识一对老年美国人,老先生酷爱甜食,老太太不吃甜食。 -越王- 给 越王 发送悄悄话 越王 的博客首页 越王 的个人群组 (82 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 17:02:34

个别例外总是有的。 曾有报道访问中国90岁以上的,问他们长寿秘诀,回答是每天吃三个鸡蛋... -yzout- 给 yzout 发送悄悄话 yzout 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 17:08:55

是不是和人种也有关? -lucky_rain- 给 lucky_rain 发送悄悄话 lucky_rain 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 17:11:36

不知道。那俩是白人。 -越王- 给 越王 发送悄悄话 越王 的博客首页 越王 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 18:43:39

认识对上海人也是,老公酷爱甜食糕点,不吃甜食太太却患上痴呆。 -pickshell- 给 pickshell 发送悄悄话 pickshell 的个人群组 (141 bytes) () 05/17/2021 postreply 04:41:53

may serve as an early warning sign -TBz- 给 TBz 发送悄悄话 TBz 的博客首页 TBz 的个人群组 (252 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 19:16:40

大脑等器官对一些细微味觉的丢失,简单的甜味比较突出。 -greennew- 给 greennew 发送悄悄话 greennew 的个人群组 (92 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 22:11:00

而且只是(FTD)型老年痴呆,不是阿茲海默症 -阿明.- 给 阿明. 发送悄悄话 阿明. 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 05/16/2021 postreply 23:07:30

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我比你更糟糕 :-( -TBz- 给 TBz 发送悄悄话 TBz 的博客首页 TBz 的个人群组 (68 bytes) () 05/17/2021 postreply 13:16:51

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