many runs 100s mile a week and don't have knee problem

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回答: 如何跑步但又不伤害膝盖?kathyzh2015-09-20 09:11:22

长跑(比如马拉松)会伤关节 is a myth.

The basics are:

1) run within your ability and increase weekly mileage very graduately, not more than 10% each week.

2) get profesional fit for your running shoes

3) proper warm up and cold down - make sure you do stretch after the run while muscles are warm

4) build leg and core muscles - many knee problem comes from weak muscles

5) watch your weight - don't put too much stress on your knee

6) run a variable speed and hills - don't just run on flat

7) build in rest days

8) see chiropractic service regularly



+10, All kinds of massage etc, try to keep your major leg's musc -coach1960- 给 coach1960 发送悄悄话 coach1960 的博客首页 coach1960 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 09/20/2015 postreply 10:05:48

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I did everything correctly according to your list except number6 -kathyzh- 给 kathyzh 发送悄悄话 kathyzh 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 09/20/2015 postreply 10:52:55


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