My boy never have done that, he has done

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countless community services.  His troop had a very strong adult leadership.

Some of his large projects include building a garden on an abandoned street corner and rehabing a building for homeless from scratch.  He had organized a team of people to do the jobs and coordinated with local city's administrations.


EAGLE的PROJECT一般都要放一百小时以上的。 -borisg- 给 borisg 发送悄悄话 borisg 的博客首页 borisg 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 06/12/2019 postreply 08:46:40

Yes, mine had done way more than that. --worldance-- 给 -worldance- 发送悄悄话 -worldance- 的个人群组 (71 bytes) () 06/12/2019 postreply 09:01:53

你看他们的官网,哈哈哈。 -乌龟- 给 乌龟 发送悄悄话 乌龟 的个人群组 (271 bytes) () 06/12/2019 postreply 08:50:38

You've got to be very selective on what troop to join. --worldance-- 给 -worldance- 发送悄悄话 -worldance- 的个人群组 (87 bytes) () 06/12/2019 postreply 08:56:03


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