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1. I would stain the hardwood floor to better match the wall color (or vise versa) and make the house overall modern

2. The style of kitchen cabinet is excellent, I just feel the size of the cabinet on the both sides of the stove is a bit too small.  You want the scale/length of the cabinet to match the sizes of the stove and hood.  Island is a bit too small as well.  I assume the main floor area is more than 1500 sf.  Counter top material and backsplach don't match the modern cleanline of the cabinet well

3. I would let customer built in to match the style of the kitchen cabinet, eg the drawer front (photo 2) should match the kitchen cabinet drawer front

4. it appears that the door to the ensuite is a bit too small.  If it is 9ft ceiling, you should go 8ft door.  8ft doors look grant and are way better looking.  In high end houses, this is a standard spec.

5. I didn't see the built-in appliances, pantry and fireplace sections.  I assume you consider them well

6. try to stay the same color tone: warm or cool tone.  From the photos posted, ensuite floor tiles, master bedroom wall color and the color of the kitchen cabinet are all towards cool tone. The rest are warm tone, especial the hardwood floor


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+1色彩考虑。排气深度按标准灶台设计的,外推不好。这包工是该给白脸。 -武胜- 给 武胜 发送悄悄话 武胜 的博客首页 武胜 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/07/2019 postreply 08:12:27


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