Out next SAS clinical training will start soon!

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The training s delicately designed for anyone who has strong desire to work for a major Pharmaceutical company in US as a qualified SAS programmer.


This training is a comprehensive combination of clinical knowledge: clinical trials, CDISC standards (SDTM, ADaM), Pinnacle 21, and SAS knowledge: SAS data steps, Proc SQL, and Macro etc. required in pharmaceutical industry, in addition to statistical knowledge applied in clinical data analysis, towards creation of CDISC-compliant domains and datasets, and the outputs: tables, listings and graphs, which exactly follows the standards that FDA requires a pharmaceutical company for NDA. Anyone with science background (statistics, chemistry, pharmacy, physics, biology, math, etc.) is encouraged to attend! No SAS background is required. The lecturer has many years working experience as a senior SAS programmer in pharmaceutical industry as well as an interviewer.  


For more info, please send your request to career@proclinpharm.com. The first class will start in the first week of March.


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