Focus on domestic market may reduce the impact

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of the on-going trade war. Three steps would do.

1. Invest more in eduation by populating the 12-years public-funded education system (i.e., each kid has completed 12 years education including completion of YuWen and Maths courses, free of charge);

2. Invest more in social security to cover all seniors (older than 60 years old) regardless in urbern or rural areas;

3. Invest more in physical sectors (industry and agriculture). 

Doing above may help solid growth of economy. Reducing to even ending exports of goods would not be a big deal to the economy at all. More importantly, building more stronger muscles is essential for protection of wealth and of people security. All these are being done under the leadership of Chairman Xi Jinping. He resembles his precedesor Chairman Mao ZeDong, the greatest Stateman in the China 5000 years history.  


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