Post-80s wedding music full of nostalgic singing atmosphere.

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Today, we are bringing the music and the nostalgic singing atmosphere. There are many styles of Chinese songs that are suitable for the post-80s generation, and you can always find a nostalgic style that belongs to you.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  Dudewei -- marry me.

  FIR-- your smile.

  Teresa teng - the moonlight stands for my heart.

  Anita mui - beautiful month.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  Wang leehom -- big city little love.

  Leehom wang - love is you.

  Wang qiwen -- marry me.

  Tai yuanxiao - happy anniversary.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  B. A. D - love to have you

  Zhao yonghua -- the most romantic thing.

  You are my wife.

  MORO - holding you

  Post-80s wedding music:

  S. H. E - magic

  Zhou hui -- agreed.

  Zhang xinzhe -- be your man.

  Liang jingru -- warm.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  A thousand and one nights.

  TANK-- only you.

  TANK-- give me your love.

  TANK-- special agent angel.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  Splendid duet - happiness.

  Zhou huajian - I really give my love.

  Jay Chou - seven li xiang.

  Harlem yu - only for you.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  HEBE Fahrenheit -- just for you.

  Tao zhe -- love you.

  Tao zhe - love is simple.

  Tao zhe jolin -- you're going to marry me today.

  Post-80s wedding music:

  Andy lau -- sweetheart.

  Andy lau -- I love you for ten thousand years.

  Andy lau -- the wedding march.

  Andy lau -- you are the greatest pride of my life.

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