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我在帮国内的父母申请绿卡,现在到了填写DS 261 ( Choice of Address and Agent ) 表格的阶段。有几个问题想请教8老师

1. 登陆ds261 网站的时候, 可以选applicant,attorney, petitioner, third-party agent, 这有什么区别吗?我应该以pertinioner 的身份填写表格对吗?填一次就行了?还是每个身份要填的东西不一样?
-This form is filed by your father or mother (i.e. the visa applicant), not anyone else. You can use your father's or mother's name to do it for him/her (help him to complete it).

2. applicant 应该是我父母的名字吗?-Right.

3. 我把我自己的名字和地址放在agent那里,对吗?-Yes, you can be the agent for your father and mother. Thus, NVC will send all of the correspondences to you.

4. 父母的261是分开的,怎么保证以后他们的case能一起处理啊?-You don't need to worry about this. Most of the time NVC/US Consulate will schedule the appointment together, but sometimes the appointments may have different time. You cannot control it.


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