Question: can I apply J1 waiver through exceptional hardship?

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I have a J1 visa and subjected to 212(e). I cannot apply waiver from Chinese embassy, so I am thinking about to apply through exceptional hardship.

I am currently in the US with F1 visa. 

My husband is greencard holder, and my daughter's greencard application is just submitted last month.

My questions are:

1) If my situation would fit to the requairement for hardship?

2) Is anyone know a good lawyer who I can hire to work on my case?

Thanks a lot!



Yes, you can apply but it will only be approved if you can demon -st.paul- 给 st.paul 发送悄悄话 st.paul 的个人群组 (1216 bytes) () 03/13/2018 postreply 12:20:50

thank you! I think it is better to find a lawyer to help... -迷糊桃纸- 给 迷糊桃纸 发送悄悄话 迷糊桃纸 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 03/13/2018 postreply 12:24:51


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