Advance parole and other green card application questions

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I-131 Part 7. On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advance parole document and what circumstances warrant issuance of advance parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered.

If the I-131 is submitted with I-485, do we still need to do this? (explain the reason on a separate sheet of paper)


I just saw ’s post that she同时寄出her parents’ green card application,但是现在只收到了父亲的收据通知,一直没收到母亲的. I wonder it is better to mail both applications in one envelope if mom and dad's applications are clearly separated (i.e. use two 2 hole punch binders. One for mom and one for dad).

Anyone who used one envelope for two applications before? Or anyone have best practice suggestions?

Thanks much!






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