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回答: Primocache 和 eboostr 的比较Oneshotkill2017-02-12 10:04:00


这是别人总结的几点有别于WINDOWS CACHE的地方。(一行是卖点,另外一行是反驳的意见)

  • Some applications can bypass Windows cache but cannot bypass PrimoCache because PrimoCache runs at a lower level in Windows.

So an application is written to bypass cache for data safety, but let's stick it in RAM anyway because screw data protection.

  • Windows caches all data, while PrimoCache can cache on behalf of a specified volume in which users are interested. Given same size of system memory, the latter has a higher hit-rate.

Windows is not going to cache stuff that people don't request or that isn't needed for the OS.

  • PrimoCache supports persistent SSD caching for mechanical hard disks, improving system boot-up time and applications loading time. Windows cache cannot.

Storage Spaces.

  • PrimoCache can customize write-deferred mode, while Windows cache cannot.

See first point.

  • PrimoCache can make use of Invisible Memory on 32-bit Windows as cache, overcoming the Windows limits on amount of system memory.


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