Cancer survivor or cancer patient care giver survey ---

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kids school project 

不好意思,知道这不是个愉快得话题。高中生功课,要求探访cancer survivor or cancer patient care giver to 了解基本情况。一时找不到合适人问,放在这里,如果有朋友能根据自己认识的人的情况给些答案(只回答愿意回答的问题即可),we will really appreciate it.    (YOU in below questions could be replaced with SOMEONE/ANYONE) ...

1 when and how were you diagnosed with cancer?


2 how did you react when you found out you had cancer?


3 do you happen to know the cause of your cancer?


4 how did life change for you after you found out?


5 was there any history of cancer in your family?


6 what sort of treatment did you undergo?


7 how did your friends/family support you through this?


8 what was the most helpful thing, if you could remember, they did/said?


9 what kept you going through it?


10 if your cancer was cured, in the end, what did it?


11 how was your life changed after you were cured?


12 do you have anything you want to say you've learned or you'd like people to know after your experience?





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