GMO的Starlink玉米, 体外实验有过敏可能,批准做饲料。却不幸混入人食物链, 引起28例过敏包括过敏性休克。

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GMO的Starlink玉米, 体外实验有过敏可能,批准做饲料。却不幸因为花粉传播等人力难以控制的因

素混入人食物链, 引起28例过敏,

包括过敏性休克,然后就是大规模玉米recall。加上GMO作物引起的农药过多, 超级杂草等等问题都说明 

说明人定胜天很难。转基因作物可以造成一大堆地球和人类从来没有相处过的新东西。私家公司要盈利的欲望一定要有相应的强有力的regulatory mechanism。孟山都等大公司不转主粮,也说明他们的小心。不像中国的某些人, 急着要转主粮。

 2002 Jan;110(1):5-13.

Starlink corn: a risk analysis.


Modern biotechnology has dramatically increased our ability to alter the agronomic traits of plants. Among the novel traits that biotechnology has made available, an important group includes Bacillus thuringiensis-derived insect resistance. This technology has been applied to potatoes, cotton, and corn. Benefits of Bt crops, and biotechnology generally, can be realized only if risks are assessed and managed properly. The case of Starlink corn, a plant modified with a gene that encodes the Bt protein Cry9c, was a severe test of U.S. regulatory agencies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had restricted its use to animal feed due to concern about the potential for allergenicity. However, Starlink corn was later found throughout the human food supply, resulting in food recalls by the Food and Drug Administration and significant disruption of the food supply. Here we examine the regulatory history of Starlink, the assessment framework employed by the U.S. government, assumptions and information gaps, and the key elements of government efforts to manage the product. We explore the impacts on regulations, science, and society and conclude that only significant advances in our understanding of food allergies and improvements in monitoring and enforcement will avoid similar events in the future. Specifically, we need to develop a stronger fundamental basis for predicting allergic sensitization and reactions if novel proteins are to be introduced in this fashion. Mechanisms are needed to assure that worker and community aeroallergen risks are considered. Requirements are needed for the development of valid assays so that enforcement and post market surveillance activities can be conducted.

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